Late, late, for a very important date. I was supposed to join the Blog Tour yesterday *sigh. But alas life got in the way. So here I am, late but better than never! Thank you to K.Z., who so graciously passed the baton on to me after describing her own writing process. Her first book will be out this month: 100 Nightmares. I can’t wait to read it and I hope you will too! K.Z. writes a little bit of everything: romance and erotica, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and bizarro fiction. Check out her blog too!

Now a little about me…

I am the editor of Serrated Roses and an avid writer. I have written three unpublished novels (two literary fiction, one dystopian middle grade sci-fi)

1) What am I working on?

Suicide in Tiny Increments. It is basically about a guy who doesn’t want to live anymore, but he’s too much of a pussy to off himself so he hires a hitman to do it for him. I originally wrote this tragic comedy back in 2011 and I’ve been kind of half-ass submitting it to agents since. After the massive rejection my first novel experienced (still unpublished as well) I wasn’t really too excited to do a ton of querying and had pretty much already accepted that it is impossible for a new author to break into traditional publishing with dark literary fiction. Readers, however, loved it. “Self publish,” they said. But I was resistant. To be honest, it felt like failure, like giving in to not being good enough for a publisher’s approval. Then I met this guy: Mick Tomlinson (more on him below) and he showed me the light! It isn’t about failure, it is about the current state of publishing, and really it’s the only way to succeed right now. So I kissed my misguided snobbery goodbye and embarked on one last re-write (another major thanks to Mick for pointing out two major story flaws!) and started thinking about cover art and marketing. There isn’t a release date yet, but I aim to have Suicide in Tiny Increments available in time for your summer reading list.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

It’s written by a woman. Not to say that there aren’t already deliciously dark literary novels by female authors, but we’re definitely not at the forefront of the genre. Readers aren’t used to gritty prose or in your face sexuality from female authors. Hopefully that will change soon; maybe Suicide in Tiny Increments will be part of it. I have noticed that the people who are the most excited about my fiction tend to be men, so maybe part of the divide is simply that it’s a more masculine genre. I think my writing finds a place with these male readers for a couple of reasons: my voice isn’t very feminine, you wouldn’t know you are reading something from a woman by the prose itself; and I bring a new perspective without negating the ones they already hold dear.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Because the story has to be told. Simple as that.

4) How does my writing process work?

I am a slave to my muse. If she isn’t in the mood, well I might as well clean the house instead. Some of my best, darkest, grittiest writing happens after a few drinks. That shouldn’t be a surprise; altered states of consciousness have fueled artists since the beginning of time, no point in lying about it. If anything thank the vodka gods for the boldness they instill!

Next week Mick Tomlinson will take the torch and let us peer into his head. I am supposed to have a picture of him here but for some reason my site is not cooperating and I can’t add any images. You’ll just have to pop over to his site to check him out. Don’t forget to read his self-interview next week and follow his blog for updates on his upcoming novel!