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Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The last place Rosario ever expected to be was at 14000 feet. She stares out the airplane’s thick distorted window at the wing ahead of her, at the clouds as they pass, at the jungles and mountains below. Disoriented she tries to determine whether it is all real or just a figment of her imagination; a dream, perhaps, or a hallucination. The last thing she remembers is the goat man. He said something that made her stop from tearing his head off of his body. What was it? And why had she followed him into the air?


Thank’s for following Rosario’s Friday Fictioneers inspired saga over to Serrated Roses. Now that I am officially a published author I will be restructuring www.riyaannepolcastro.com in a way that just makes this a better forum for photo prompts and micro fiction. Thanks again to Rochelle for hosting FF!

A note to other authors out there. . . BookBzzzr has some excellent widgets to help you showcase your books on your website so check ’em out! My site for Suicide in Tiny Increments was recently highlighted on their blog too. Check it out!