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Necromancing: surviving singledom in the 21st century

If you like your lit dark and dirty than do I have the stories for you! New to riyaannepolcastro.com this week are Bones & Silicone and Necromancing: surviving singledom in the 21st century. Bones & Silicone is a hilarious little skit about a couple of okies that travel to Hollywood in hopes of scoring big graverobbing. Necromancing, meanwhile, offers a brutally honest expose on singledom and trying to get laid. It is one part social commentary, one part fiction, one part memoir, and one part music review. This mini masterpiece first appeared in the debut issue of Dirty Chai. If you want to connect and discuss check out these stories and more on Wattpad!

Want to learn more about what makes Polcastro’s writing what it is? Read my Smashwords interview!

My first novel Suicide in Tiny Increments was recently featured on JC Phelps’ blog! Check out the feature here! And my website for the book was featured by BookBzzzr so that’s pretty exciting! They’ve got some great tools for writers so make sure to check them out.

Stay tuned for more info on the fate of this little literary zine. Big changes are coming for Serrated Roses!