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So this book has been out for awhile . . . BUT, thanks to my utter lack of patience for computers and formatting, the paperback is only now coming to fruition. Ok it’s still in review but this is the closest I’ve been so far!

The Kindle cover was much, much easier of course. I knew which elements I wanted to include and it was simple enough to fit them all in a rectangle (not like worrying about a spine, and bleed, and ugh I just don’t want to think about it anymore!). I tried a couple of different color schemes:


Finally, after a suggestion from my wonderful editor, I tired adding blue to the diorama that is featured as the centerpiece of the cover. Much better.


But as much as I liked the Kindle cover, it left something to be desired. The title failed to POP. It just kind of sat there muted. Which meant the whole cover suffered from the same toned down effect. Still, the main elements were right. The name written through a line in the sand, it’s a allusion to the story and I definitely wanted to keep it. It says a lot about the book.

I tried brightening up the diorama, again with other color schemes.

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I did not want to accept that if I wanted an effective cover, I would have to make the title stand out. No matter what I did to the diorama, it would not be enough to make up for the barely there title etched in the sand.

Fortunately, when I forced myself to sit down and work on the full cover for the paperback, the size and blocking involved forced me to make a change. Since I refused to let go of this picture, and it had to be turned sideways to fit, I had no choice but to put the front cover title in regular font.


Turning it sideways, with Jane. now scrawled in the sand on the back of the book I ended up with an unintentional improvement: the perfect illustration for the first few lines of the back cover copy. Somewhere out there is a line in the sand between sanity and insanity. JANE searches that line out, toys with it, revels in it, and then takes a running leap right over it. And, I was able to keep the squiggly lines in the sand that reminded me of synapses (seen at the bottom of the picture) next to the front cover copy. She’ll show you a side of crazy you never knew you wanted to see. But, on it’s side those lines looked even more synaptic.

Dare I say success? Well I’m definitely satisfied but we’ll see what review says.

Book cover in progress

Meanwhile, what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!