Spotlight Saturday Here I Come!


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I’m super excited to announce that Suicide in Tiny Increments is featured on today’s Spotlight Saturday over on Sing Me Anything! There is also an interview with the author, your’s truly Riya Anne Polcastro. If you have a few minutes pop on over and check it out! Be one of the first two to comment and get a free digital copy from!




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Copyright-Roger Bultot

Copyright-Roger Bultot

“We were surrounded. I didn’t have a choice,” he claims.

“You always have a choice.”

The goat man shakes his head. “I couldn’t sacrifice my men.”

“So you sacrificed all of us instead?” He tries to interject but Rosario continues, “Your men could have fought.”

“We were surrounded.” He still sees them sometimes. Crawling, creeping up, like vines on the jungle floor. By the time he could draw his gun it was too late. “We didn’t have a chance.”

Rage burns in her eyes. “Then you should have died.”

The goat man hangs his head.

“Better dead than a traitor.”


If you’ve missed previous installments of Rosario’s Saga you can always catch up here.

Thanks again to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers!

Tell Me a Story!


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Evidence © Riya Anne Polcastro

Evidence                                                                  © Riya Anne Polcastro

Serrated Roses wants to feature your work! While the print edition is on hold, our online platform is still looking to share your deepest darkest tales; your soul splitting poetry; your grittiest art and photography. Need some inspiration? Use one or all of the photos here as the background. I would love to rerun them with an original micro/flash fiction or short story. Or a poem or two. Maybe a memoir piece? Or respond with another photo, or whatever artistic rendition speaks to you. Submissions should be sent to Please put “Submission” and the type of work you are submitting in the subject line. Please send attachments for art work/photos only. For written pieces please copy and paste at the bottom of the email.

Watch Your Back ©Riya Anne Polcastro

Watch Your Back                                                      ©Riya Anne Polcastro

Rolling in Deep ©Riya Anne Polcastro

Rolling in Deep                                                         ©Riya Anne Polcastro

Tracks ©Riya Anne Polcastro

Tracks                                                                      ©Riya Anne Polcastro

Can’t wait to read your submissions! R.

News and New Stories


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Necromancing: surviving singledom in the 21st century

If you like your lit dark and dirty than do I have the stories for you! New to this week are Bones & Silicone and Necromancing: surviving singledom in the 21st century. Bones & Silicone is a hilarious little skit about a couple of okies that travel to Hollywood in hopes of scoring big graverobbing. Necromancing, meanwhile, offers a brutally honest expose on singledom and trying to get laid. It is one part social commentary, one part fiction, one part memoir, and one part music review. This mini masterpiece first appeared in the debut issue of Dirty Chai. If you want to connect and discuss check out these stories and more on Wattpad!

Want to learn more about what makes Polcastro’s writing what it is? Read my Smashwords interview!

My first novel Suicide in Tiny Increments was recently featured on JC Phelps’ blog! Check out the feature here! And my website for the book was featured by BookBzzzr so that’s pretty exciting! They’ve got some great tools for writers so make sure to check them out.

Stay tuned for more info on the fate of this little literary zine. Big changes are coming for Serrated Roses!




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Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

The goat man leads the way, not to the front door of the largest house on the mountainside, but to a quiet alcove on its side. Inside a desk grabs hold of Rosario’s attention, then a chair. She knew that desk! She knew that chair.

“That was where. . .” she points, her words lost in marvel.

“Yes,” the goat man nods. “That was where we signed the first treaty.”

She can feel the rage boil and rise within her once again. “You tricked her. . . me! You tricked me!”

He shakes his head, “I did what I had to do.”

Thanks again to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers! With so many great reads and such an awesome supportive community FF is a wonderful place for writers to hone their skills!

On the self promotion front, my first novel, Suicide in Tiny Increments, was featured on JC Phelps’ blog this month. Check it out! Or take a gander at my Smashwords interview here.

Happy reading!

End of the Trek


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Rosario’s heart pounds in her ears and her knuckles are white from the death grip she has on the armrests. She holds her breath and closes her eyes as the landing gear touches down on the rotting blacktop. The passenger plane comes to a skidding stop just before the runway plunges over the side of a mountain. It shutters one last time and the pilot kills the engines.

“You can open your eyes now child,” the goat man says. “We’re here.”

Still wary, she follows him out of the plane and over the plateau’s edge, down a series of stairs that scale the mountainside, until they reach a hamlet not unlike the last one.

Copyright-Björn Rudberg

Copyright-Björn Rudberg

I have to apologize for the overage this week. There was just so much to cram into those 100 words this week! Thanks again to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers!

Up In the Air


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Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The last place Rosario ever expected to be was at 14000 feet. She stares out the airplane’s thick distorted window at the wing ahead of her, at the clouds as they pass, at the jungles and mountains below. Disoriented she tries to determine whether it is all real or just a figment of her imagination; a dream, perhaps, or a hallucination. The last thing she remembers is the goat man. He said something that made her stop from tearing his head off of his body. What was it? And why had she followed him into the air?


Thank’s for following Rosario’s Friday Fictioneers inspired saga over to Serrated Roses. Now that I am officially a published author I will be restructuring in a way that just makes this a better forum for photo prompts and micro fiction. Thanks again to Rochelle for hosting FF!

A note to other authors out there. . . BookBzzzr has some excellent widgets to help you showcase your books on your website so check ’em out! My site for Suicide in Tiny Increments was recently highlighted on their blog too. Check it out!

Suicide in Tiny Increments is Now Available!


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try 3 The long awaited satire of the summer is finally here! Deliciously dark, this black humor will have you rolling on the floor. From netkingdan, Amazon:

Witty with a sick sense of humor. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time!

Too scared to kill himself but also too scared to live, Daniel is a sad, pathetic man; a miserable martyr of depression A year after he was dumped by his self-centered alcoholic girlfriend, he still wallows in the hole she left behind.  And, except for the cubicle that he spends forty hours a week in, Daniel rarely leaves the bare white walls that make up his apartment. Trapped in his self-made ennui, his only escape is to hire a hitman.  But when one of his few friends kills herself Daniel realizes the error of his ways. He tries to cancel the hit but in the process he offends his contracted killer. Now his impending death is personal and his life is about to get more exciting than he ever could have imagined. Suicide in Tiny Increments is edgy and morbid in the most hilarious ways. But it also pushes the limits of dark literary fiction to make you think. From April V. on Amazon:

This book makes you love, hate, feel sorry for, and cheer for the main character, Daniel, and also examine your own emotional fragility. The writing is funny, honest, and deeply descriptive. Not for the faint of heart, as this work of fiction actually makes you think and feel.

What about film? Could Suicide in Tiny Increments be a movie someday? It’s a sentiment that has been expressed by readers since I first developed the idea. K.Z. echoes that thought in her review on Amazon:

This novel was a product of wit, twisted humor, and bold descriptive skills. An entertaining read from start to finish. Seriously, with the right actors to play the part of the sick, sad—but certainly intriguing– characters, I can easily see this as a satisfying tragicomedy film.

Personally I’m crossing my fingers for Louie C.K…. And you can help make it happen! Read the book, review it on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, etc., tell your friends, tell everybody! Oh, and don’t forget to like my facebook page. This week I’m running a contest for a signed paperback copy! (US and Canada only).

So where do you get this book anyway? I’m glad you asked… the paperback is available at createspace and Amazon. You can get the Kindle book at Amazon or Smashwords. Smashwords also has just about every other e-reader format and Lulu’s got the epub. No matter how you like to read Suicide in Tiny Increments is available in a format to suit your needs! It’s even available for library distribution, so don’t be afraid to ask your local library to stock it. Seriously. That would really help an author out.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of my novel! Don’t be shy!


K.Z. Morano’s 100 Nightmares is now available!

You can get this fantastic collection of 100 frightening tales, each written in precisely 100 words (what a feat!) on and Smashwords. Check it out today and sleep with the lights on tonight!

I was honored when K.Z. offered me an advanced copy, which I am proud to review at goodreads. Both the writing and art are on point and we are happy to feature some of K.Z.’s brilliant work in our next issue!

100 Nightmares K.Z. Morano

100 Nightmares K.Z. Morano